onsdag 10. juni 2009

Roulette Swagger Review

In many years now I have been playing roulette on and off. I never won, but I always hoped that I whould find the winning system. The holy grail of roulette. I never did. And Roulette Swagger is not the holy grail either, but it is not that fair away from it.

The biggest mistake that I did in the past was to play on the RNG roulette. Random Number Generator roulettes. This is accutally just like a slot machine. It has nothing to do with physics, the wheel or the ball. The casino controls it all. As soon as I started only playing live wheel I started winning more often, but it was not stabile enough to play in the long run. I tried many different systems, but they just did not seem to work for me. Despite what the people who sold it to me claimed.

Then I found Roulette Swagger. I was a little sceptical to begin with since there are so many scam systems out there, but I desided to take a chance after I watched the videos on http://www.rouletteswagger.com

I signed up at DublinBet as the author of the system suggested and got a special bonus. Can't say no to free money. The software is easy to use and there is no hassle betting as the software suggest. After playing one hour I was up 75 euro. The author suggest to play in sessions, so I set 75 euro as one session. I was amazed how effective and stabile this system was. I played two more sessions that day and profit 225 euro that day. Not bad for one days "work". :)

After 3 weeks of playing I made 5800 euro. The profit will go up and down, but if you stick to the system and betting the author suggest you will make profit.

Roulette Swagger is by far the best roulette software out there. It focus on the right roulette alternativ, live wheel. It does'nt promise you 2000 euro profit a week, but you can make a good living only playing live wheel roulette with Roulette Swagger. I rank this at 10 out of 10. No doubt.

I'm off to play a session at DublinBet. You should too.

Order your copy at http://www.rouletteswagger.com